Join Us in Doing Pushups for Charity!

Join Us in Doing Pushups for Charity!

How many pushups can you do in 90 seconds?

SixSeeds and Sword & Spoon are uniting with our partner The Boot Campaign in Pushups for Charity. Together we plan to encourage virtue in families through the sharing of stories from today’s culture, and to help connect families by giving service and opportunities to our veterans!

Pushups for Charity is an annual event that raises awareness of the challenges military service members and veterans face, and raises money to support their unique needs. This year PUC plans to give 500 grants to deserving hero families.

Every pushup brings awareness to military struggles resulting from their service and sacrifice, and every dollar raised helps the Boot Campaign bridge the gap between government programs designed to care for our military and the challenges of life during and post-service.

Pushups for Charity 2015 goes all summer long. Every person, everywhere can change a life in 90 seconds. Find out how here!


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