Sneak Peek at New Sword & Spoon Film!

Sneak Peek at New Sword & Spoon Film!

Some lucky guests in Grand Rapids, MI recently got a sneak peek at our latest film… More Art Upstairs.

The documentary takes place at ArtPrize, an unusual annual art competition that brings hundreds of thousands of people to the city. More Art Upstairs follows four accomplished artists as they compete in this populist experiment that’s challenging the art world’s hierarchy by giving the public the power to decide which art will win almost half the $500,000 in prize money.

Sword & Spoon partner and director Jody Hassett Sanchez hosted a preview of the film in Grand Rapids, and discussed the making of More Art Upstairs, and how, with unmatched access to artists, organizers, jurors and visitors, the film captures the entire wild ride of this competition.

Leah Smith of Rhode Island uses painters tape to create a wall sized mural at ArtPrize in More Art Upstairs.
Guests mingle at the Grand Rapids sneak peak
Director Jody Hassett Sanchez with Kevin Buist (left) and Christian Gaines from ArtPrize
Jody talks with a guest at the film’s Grand Rapids sneak peak.
In the film, Michigan artist Marissa Voytenko prepared her encaustic painting entry for ArtPrize.
In More Art Upstairs, New York artist Judith Braun creates her ArtPrize entry on the walls of the Grand Rapids Art Museum.