Searching to Answer Life’s Greatest Questions

Searching to Answer Life’s Greatest Questions

Pondering the science of meaning… and the meaning of science. That’s the mission a new Sword & Spoon project. We are honored and proud to partner with the John Templeton Foundation and Polymath Innovations in launching ORBITER Magazine.

ORBITER is an incredible new multi-platform network for publishing and promoting ideas at the frontiers of human knowledge and understanding. We connect audiences with content that matters. We highlight scientific research on the big questions from cosmology to compassion, and from philosophy to photons.

Why is it so hard to change minds? Will the couple that prays together stay together? Can genius be reproduced from DNA? Is free will real or an illusion? These are just some of the questions taken on by authors, scientists, and thinkers at ORBITER.

The online magazine hopes to spread information about new and emerging discoveries that advance scientific knowledge and bear on questions of value, meaning, or morality.

By doing so, the goal is to elevate and enrich the public conversation, and bring accuracy and balance to conversations about ideas that are often misunderstood.

ORBITER does this by curating the best material on the web, and creating new material that tells new stories on the heroes who have taken up the great human quest to understand.

Jump on in to ORBITER and join the conversation! We guarantee you’ll walk away learning something new or thinking about things in a whole new way!