Our Founders

Our Founders

John and Jean Kingston met as freshmen at the University of Pennsylvania, now live in Winchester, Massachusetts, and have four children.

The Kingstons believe in cultivating friendship and partnership (the fancy Latin word for that is amicitia, which ended up in the Sword & Spoon logo!), which allows people to work together to envision and encourage ideas and action in advance of the common good.

With the belief that if one plants small seeds, the results may grow to benefit many, John and Jean and their four children (the original “six seeds”) began their first collaborative project in 2005 with SixSeeds. The Sword & Spoon Foundation, and eventually the Sword & Spoon Group, took shape from there, as a collection of friends and partners engaging the culture in creative and collaborative ways.

More about John and Jean:

 John is a lawyer by training and Fortune 500 senior executive by experience, who has been inspired by his faith to invest his fortune in awakening America to values that made her a nation unrivaled in human history. Kingston gained national attention in the 2016 and 2018 political cycles with innovative and inclusive campaigns positioned against the extremes of American politics, and has been active in national arts, culture, and political movements for two decades.

Together with John, Jean is the founder of the Sword & Spoon Foundation, SixSeeds and Sword & Spoon Workshop. Jean double majored in Biological Basis of Behavior and Elementary Education. She taught elementary school in Philadelphia before earning her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Penn.