From Toronto to Nantucket!

From Toronto to Nantucket!

Sword & Spoon’s More Art Upstairs, continues to shine in the film festival spotlight. Director Jody Hassett Sanchez’s film was shown to a sold-out crowd on the opening night of the Nantucket Film Festival. Filmgoers lined up down the street and around the block to see the documentary.

Filmed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the film explores how for three remarkable weeks in that city, the opinions of the general public carry as much weight as those of the most well-respected art critics. Both get to award $500,000 – the largest prize money in the art world. And as one might expect, the public votes dramatically differently from coastal elites, and both are baffled by the other’s choices.

In Nantucket, Jody said she hopes viewers leave the theater with new ideas about how to look at art. Read the entire interview here.

Before Nantucket, More Art Upstairs made its premiere at the top documentary film festival in North America – Hot Docs in Toronto, where it had four screenings.

Check out some of the scenes from the HotDocs and our reception below, as well as press coverage from the film’s premiere here!

Congratulations to Jody and the entire More Art Upstairs team!