Bug Hall Helps Put the Harley in Harley-Davidson

Bug Hall Helps Put the Harley in Harley-Davidson

Actor, writer, and Sword & Spoon partner Bug Hall is riding high after a role he has described as a dream come true.

Hall played the role of Arthur Davidson, one of the founders of motorcycle titan Harley-
Davidson. The three-part mini-series, Harley and the Davidsons, recently aired on Discovery. It chronicled the birth of the Harley Davidson motorcycle and the founding of the company by Arthur, his brother Walter, and their friend Bill Harley.

The character was a gregarious businessman, known for his fairness and great sales success. He also carried out a campaign against dangerous, high-speed motordrome racing, and helped supply the U.S. Army with motorcycles and mechanic training in World War I. Hall told Hidden Remote that this sense of decency appealed to him in choosing to take the role of Arthur:

“He almost singlehandedly brought the motordromes down, and they were the biggest sport in America for around seven years. It was bigger than baseball then.” Hall says. On the military contract, he continues, “He was just focused on getting our soldiers home safe.”

The series, set in  early-1900’s Wisconsin, was filmed in Romania, where motordrome structures – dangerous wooden tracks where motorcycles would race – still exist. Harley Davidson company opened up its archives, and all the motorcycles used in the miniseries were made from scratch, working from archival information.

Being in the bike saddle was old hat for Hall, who grew up riding, and only recently owned his first car. But that didn’t stop him from crashing a bike and fracturing his collarbone during the shoot. Apparently that’s as much good luck for an actor as breaking a leg…the series scored the biggest ratings for a miniseries premiere since The Bible!

Hall runs development company Novo Media Group along with close friend and fellow Sword & Spoon partner David Henrie (of Wizards of Waverly Place) and David’s brother Lorenzo.

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