The mission of SixSeeds is to support and encourage virtue in families through the sharing of stories from today’s culture, and to connect families to service and giving opportunities.

SixSeeds Faith and Family Channel


Part of Patheos, the world’s largest multi-faith website, the SixSeeds Faith and Family Channel brings together many types of writers who explore how to navigate and juggle the complicated issues of our modern world. Some of our bloggers are celebrities, some are stay-at-home parents, and others are award-winning authors. All give a different but important perspective on ways we can guide our families with faith, virtue, and hopefully a little bit of humor.

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SixSeeds Service Projects

At SixSeeds, we believe it is important that our children understand that very often the communities we live in are not representative of how many others live in the world. We want our children to grow hearts for the poor and to instill in them an orientation to service. That is best accomplished, we feel, through giving of themselves, their time, and their efforts.



Mexico: Since 2006, SixSeeds families have traveled to Las Palmas, a squatter community on the hillsides of Tijuana, Mexico. Together with the community, they share bible lessons, clean schools, share meals, and play soccer – building a lasting relationship with the Las Palmas community.




Seed Pack-It: Seed Pack-It parties in neighborhoods, at companies, and among friends bring SixSeeds families and others together to stuff backpacks with school supplies for the Las Palmas community in Mexico and other areas sponsored by World Vision.




Operation Send-A-Box: When SixSeeds partner David French was deployed to Iraq in 2007, he was disheartened that many of his 1100-member squadron received no packages or letters week after week. David’s wife Nancy and SixSeeds launched Operation Send-A-Box, which coordinated volunteers around the country in filling more than 2,000 boxes of towels, sheets, toiletries, reading materials and letters and sending them to David’s squadron.