Sharing Ideas and Creations….Forging Connections

Sharing Ideas and Creations….Forging Connections

Imagine dynamic conversations in the worlds of film, music, art, culture, and storytelling. Sprinkle in film screenings and performances by outstanding musicians, and set it all amidst the rolling green hills of the Vermont countryside.

The second annual Sword & Spoon Summit was all that and more – bringing together filmmakers, musicians, writers, and others at OQ Farm for a fascinating few days of sharing of ideas, experiences, and creations.

Festivities began with The OQ Farm Songwriter’s Festival Concert – an evening orchestrated by Grammy Award-winning producer Charlie Peacock featuring performances by world-class musicians in the farm’s natural amphitheater.

Summit guests also enjoyed interactive panel discussions, movie screenings, and musical performances.

Among the highlights:

The ideas, viewpoints, thoughtfulness, and enthusiasm that each guest brought to the summit helped make for fascinating conversations and promising connections.

The beautiful farm landscape has served for many years as a gathering spot offering respite, communion, and inspiration – providing a wonderful opportunity to find common interests, and talk about ways of achieving goals together. As people who believe in and strive for building relationships and seeing what wonderful byproducts can come of them, we are excited to think of the new possibilities that were incubated at OQ Farm this summer!

Already summit guest David Clayton has written about his visit and the farm, seeing cosmic beauty in the form of — of all things —  the farm’s British telephone booth (or box as it is called there)! Give it a read here.

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