Seeing the Psalms through the Eyes of a Rockstar and a Pastor

Seeing the Psalms through the Eyes of a Rockstar and a Pastor

Imagine being a fly on the wall in the kitchen where Bono, the world-famous front man of U2, and Eugene Peterson, pastor and translator of “The Message,” sat around the table talking about the psalms.

What would it be like to hear the unlikely friends discussing when they first heard the psalms, and why they love them? Fascinating, right?

This unusual conversation and improbable friendship are documented in a new short film, The Psalms. Sword & Spoon Foundation proudly helped fund the making of the 20-minute documentary, as it as it echoes our support of partnerships aimed at producing virtuous work.

The goal of the project was to encourage more people to read, sing, and pray the psalms as a result of watching the film.

In the film, Bono speaks of reading the psalms in U2’s dressing room before a show.

“We would read them as a band, then walk out into arenas and stadiums, the words igniting us, inspiring us.”

Peterson, who had never heard of Bono before the megastar reached out to him via video about his contemporary biblical translation, initially turned down Bono’s request to meet. When they finally did get together, Peterson said the interaction was very natural.

“Through that three-hour conversation, I was just really taken by the simplicity of his life, of who he was, who he is. There was no pretension to him. At that point I just felt like he was a companion in the faith.”

Listen in on their conversation:

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