Reuniting Faith and Art, and Why it Matters

Reuniting Faith and Art, and Why it Matters

Must Christian artists choose between their faith and their artistic calling?

Sword & Spoon Partner Cam Anderson says no, and explores how they can coexist, and even thrive, in his new book, The Faithful Artist – A Vision for Evangelicalism and the Arts.

Anderson, an OQ Farm founder, artist, and executive director of Christians in the Visual Arts, believes there is tremendous common ground to be found between the worlds of faith and art.

“I have a hunch — actually more than a hunch — a growing conviction in me, that what happens in one’s studio and what happens in one’s walk with God, that there may be some very profound overlap there.”

In his book, due out in November, Anderson offers guidance and hope for Christian artists who struggle to faithfully pursue their work in today’s culture. He urges them, especially in this visual contemporary world, to see the opportunity to ask what role beauty could have in the church community.

“Of course with that opportunity comes the challenge because we aren’t used to talking about beauty, and we don’t know what value to put on beauty actually. It resists quantification.”

Says fellow OQ Farm Founder and Gordon College Fine Arts Chair Bruce Herman of the book,  “Cam.. extends an intellectual welcome to readers who may feel that modern and contemporary art are an exclusive party, a private conversation for an artistic elite… Additionally he makes a vital argument for why the church needs art and artists, providing genuine answers for how these might once again find their way into healthy communion with one another.”

Read more about the new book, and hear Anderson talk about it here.