From a Small Seed to a World Leader…An Exciting New Merger!

From a Small Seed to a World Leader…An Exciting New Merger!

The seed that started as a way to offer families insights about living with fun, faith, and virtue, has now grown into part of one of the top content websites in the world.

Sword & Spoon is thrilled to announce the recent merger of Beliefnet and Patheos, two of the largest religion and spirituality websites worldwide.

The journey to this merger began back in 2005 with SixSeeds, a collaborative project with the Kingston family and friends. SixSeeds grew into a faith and family website with a slate of accomplished and entertaining writers, including marriage bloggers Dave and Ashley Willis, four-time New York Times best-selling author Nancy French, and ABC’s The Bachelor Sean Lowe.

In 2010, SixSeeds and John Kingston invested in Patheos and the vision of founders Leo and Cathie Brunnick — to develop a website to host the world’s largest conversation on faith. Indeed, Patheos quickly became the world’s biggest religious website. Believing deeply in its mission, John joined the Patheos board and expanded his investment.

Recently, in order to be part of an even larger platform, SixSeeds and Patheos joined forces with Beliefnet. With 50 million page views per month, the combined Beliefnet/Patheos is twice as large as any other religion and spirituality website ever.

Now serving as Chairman of Patheos and a board member of Beliefnet, John looks forward eagerly to seeing the continuation of the journey from a small seed to a world-wide leader, and the growth that is yet to come!