A Record-Breaking Series for Lorenzo!

A Record-Breaking Series for Lorenzo!

It’s been quite the fall for Lorenzo Henrie! (The actor is part of the Sword & Spoon extended family along with his brother and fellow actor David and father Jim.) Lorenzo plays Chris Manawa on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, the hot new cable series that is designed to be a prequel to the smash zombie hit The Walking Dead.

Fear The Walking Dead not only debuted with the highest premiere in cable history, it also had the highest rated first season in history. The show, which premiered in August, follows the story of a high school guidance counselor and her troubled family as the zombie apocalypse unfolds. In the series, Lorenzo’s character is a high school sophomore struggling to deal with the new world, while coping with a broken relationship with his father.

Outside of this exciting role, according to an interview in Bello Magazine, there is another type of character Lorenzo would ultimately like to play:

“My dream role would be one that would change the world and move people. I love stories and roles that have deep meaning with redemptive characteristics such as love, sacrifice, courage, strength, etc.”

Chris Manawa lived through season one, so Lorenzo gets to continue his role into season two, which will premier in 2016. Congratulations, Lorenzo! Click here to hear Lorenzo talk about the show and his character.

Lorenzo James Henrie as Chris - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC

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